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What are the negative impacts of live-in relationships on a society that strictly...

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What are the negative impacts of live-in relationships on a society that strictly encourages/supports the family system and familial values? It would be great if I get at least 15 different points of view for discussion. Further, I would like to know how it impacts an individual's life, his/her family, his/her partner, and the neighbourhood.

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The main problem with cohabitation in the sort of society that you are talking about is that it tends to erode respect for the values that society holds dear.  It can also make it less likely that people will marry and form stable relationships.

Evidence shows that relationships that begin in cohabitation are less likely to succeed over the long term than those in which people do not cohabit.  It is not clear what causes this effect, but it seems to exist.  If there are many live-in relationships, there will be fewer marriages and fewer people in stable and successful relationships.  This will undermine a key source of familial stability.

Perhaps more importantly, cohabitation will make people have less respect for society as a whole.  For a society to be as strong as possible, people need to share a common set of values.  When people start to act in ways that go very much against society’s values, those values become weaker than they had been.  When this happens, society can become less cohesive and therefore less stable.

Thus, there are at least two important ways in which cohabitation could hurt a society that puts great emphasis on family and family values.

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