What was it about the recent WikiLeaks controversy that has posed a threat to national security?If you could, please point me in the right direction towards a legitimate news source or article that...

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For the central page of the New York Times' coverage of the Wikileaks controversy, follow this link.

The major part of the Wikileaks controversy began in late 2010 and continued into the summer of 2011.  The Wikileaks website released huge amounts of government documents to the public.  These included such things as military field reports about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and huge numbers of messages sent between US diplomats and the US State Department.  Both of these types of leaks can be seen as dangerous to national security.  Publishing information about how the military perceives the wars can tell the enemy how they might want to adjust their tactics.  Publishing diplomatic secrets harms US relations with other countries, which could lead to greater danger to the US as it loses friends around the world.



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