What is the most interesting job you've ever had? When I was in college, I played Santa Claus at the local mall for several years. It was great to see the wide-eyed children and hear all their...

What is the most interesting job you've ever had?

When I was in college, I played Santa Claus at the local mall for several years. It was great to see the wide-eyed children and hear all their wishes for their most desired gifts. My favorite memory? One of my too enthusiastic "Ho Ho Ho's" was a bit too much for one toddler. I had to wait for my break to deal with the pee he deposited on my leg.

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What is the most interesting job you've ever had?

When I was in college, I played Santa Claus at the local mall for several years. It was great to see the wide-eyed children and hear all their wishes for their most desired gifts. My favorite memory? One of my too enthusiastic "Ho Ho Ho's" was a bit too much for one toddler. I had to wait for my break to deal with the pee he deposited on my leg.

Teaching is by far the most interesting job I have ever had, especially the year I taught at an inner-city middle school. 

The school was open concept which means it had no walls, just movable bookcases and other temporary structures between classrooms.  Also, I began teaching there after the first six weeks' grades were posted and my classes were formed by the teachers from the other, existing classes who were allowed to remove whoever they wanted from their classes.  You can imagine the kids I had!  They were the most troubled, most educationally challenged students I have ever taught.  My team member and I tried everything we could think of, including field trips as rewards for good behavior, but not much worked. 

In the long run, it made me a stronger teacher, but I will never forget those kids or that year!

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During college, I worked part-time in a small cutlery shop, you know the kind that can be found in shopping malls displaying the giant moving Swiss Army knife? I  knew absolutley nothing about knives, except the fact that I was deathly afraid of them, but needed the job.  Needless to say, I worked at that shop for several years and learned everything there was about hunting, pocket, and table knives.  In fact, in addition to carbon content education, I learned all there was to repairing the mighty Norelco electric shaver (including soldering in new cell batteries), making keys, and sharpening scissors--although I did ruin a pair of stylist scissors much to the dismay of the beautician.  I even learned a little about martial art throwing stars.  It was definitely an education, and I still draw upon my kniving knoweldge on occasion.

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Most of my jobs have been interesting because I tend to search for greener pastures when the job becomes just a way to earn an income.  That being said, the most fun job I ever had was working as a free-lance tour guide in Washington, DC.  Imagine getting paid to gossip!

The most interesting job was working as a professional staff member for a subcommittee of the Energy and Commerce Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives. I was there while the Clinton Health Care bill was being debated and saw how legislation is made (or not made).  Aaron Sorkin and West Wing didn't even come close to explaining the process behind the scenes. Surprisingly, an intimate acquaintance with the Dance of Legislation made me respect the process more.

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Again I will say teaching BUT it has been put into perspective by the jobs taken through college and to make cash in holidays in the early part of my career. I would far rather have a roomful of fractious teenagers that a restaurantful of arrogant and self-important diners. The low level of respect shown to a waitress by fellow adults has stayed with me and is why I feel the need to teach students about the values of respecting others - as large swathes of the adult public seem to forget them so readily. Kids are witty, funny and reflect the attitudes around them. It is the best thing to be able to influence the future positively.

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I began teaching in 1972 and it is, without a doubt, the most interesting job I have ever had. Excluding that, I would have a hard time deciding as all pale in comparison, but my time in basic combat training was certainly interesting, though I was glad when it was over. (National Guard - no active duty).

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Like most others here, teaching is definitely the most interesting job I've ever had. It's definitely the busiest and most frustrating job, but it also has the distinction of being the most entertaining and is, by far, the most rewarding.

In university I worked in the rides division at a local amusement park. It was amazing to see how these rides (especially the roller coasters) work, although it was somewhat disconcerting to learn that most of those responsible for these machines and everyone's safety are just kids working for minimum wage.

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I've been a secret shopper and product tester (more of a hobby than a JOB) since I was in college.  The secret shopping is fun when the service is especially bad and I know I get to complain to someone who cares.

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This is going to sound weird but the truth is that Enotes and my freelancing are the most interesting jobs I've had.

I like what I do for a living, I love teaching, but I am not in the right place, nor teaching what I want to really teach. So, its all blah. But on Enotes and when I freelance I can talk about what I love the most which is Literature. That is the only thing that is keeping me from losing my mind with boredom every day.

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The most interesting job I ever had was as a telemarketer.  I was in college and needed a job that was manageable and this one fell into my lap.  It was interesting because you never knew who you were going to talk to or what their reaction was going to be.  Many times people would hang up on me or yell at me.  Other times I would call someone who was lonely and wanted to talk.  It provided me with an interesting work day.

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The most interesting job I've ever had is the one I'm in right now: teaching. No two days are ever alike, and no days are ever boring or routine. For many years I was in a job where I met and worked with famous scholars, but they're not nearly as interesting as the teenagers I encounter every day.

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I was a semi-pro cyclist from 10 summers, competing against some of the best domestic and foreign riders.  I've raced against Lance Armstrong just last year in the Leadville 100 mountain bike race, the hardest one day off-rode race in the country.

In my ten years racing, I lost more money (gas, food, equipment) than I made, but it was the most fun I ever had.

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By far the most fun job I have had thus far was working at Disney World as a castmember.  I worked in Epcot at Mission Space and then moved over to the Animal Kingdom's Tree of Life and worked at It's Tough to Be a Bug.  The hours could be long, the weather hot/cold and the guests could be annoying at times, but knowing that you were making someone else's day "magical" was... magic.

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Yes, teaching is great, and is interesting, but I feel like we're kind of saturated with that answer given our demographic on these boards.

The coolest job I've had, which on the rougher days of teaching I highly consider returning to, was being a community life programmer at my university.

I planned events for university students. This ranged from the typical pub night or the infamous "frosh" week (we don't call it that anymore). However, we also hosted charitable events like the Relay for Life, Shinerama Fundraisers (Cystic Fibrosis Research), and the Toy Mountain toy drive.

The coolest event I ever got to plan was a Lego building competition. Students were given 8000 Lego blocks and 4 hours to build. The results were incredible. Also, the whole event was for Toy Mountain; we raised a ton of money and donated all of the Lego to a local woman's shelter that specialized in cases with families of multiple children.

Being a community life programmer rarely felt like work because the volunteers I worked with were amazing and I got to watch my events bring happiness to people. I really miss it sometimes! :)

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I think in some ways the most interesting job I have is, as many others have said, my current one of teaching.  I've never been exposed to more different people and found out so much about my own weaknesses and learned so much as I have while teaching.

At the same time, I will admit to enjoying working in a couple different restaurants while I was in high school and the brief stint as a temp worker in a few different offices was absolutely absurd.  I never knew until then that Office Space is far more real than anyone would really like to admit!

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The most interesting job that I have ever had, and one that I hope to return to someday even if only for a short stint, was working as a performer with Blood Manor Incorporated, New York City's premier haunted attraction. Not only was it fun to scare patrons, it also gave me a chance to people-watch on a nightly basis. Watching the way people interact in a haunted house is incredibly entertaining. They represent a wide array of personality types ranging from the overly-confident person who is actually the most fun to scare to the aggressive person who is often escorted out of the attraction, to the timid person who takes less than five minutes to run through a twenty minute attraction. No matter who came trough the door, from celebrities to tourists, there was never a dull night in the Manor and the friends that I made there remain close to me today.

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