The Little Prince Moral Lesson

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Depending on how you view it (stories are all subjective), the lesson from this book can be seen as the only way we can learn in our lives, is through experiencing it ourselves first hand. We cannot rely on others telling us, teaching us, or trying to get a message across. Unless we are there experiencing it ourselves, we will not be able to learn from what is true. Furthermore, the story teaches us the importance of friendship, being invisible, and responsibility. Depending on how the reader views it, this story has many teachings it can offer.

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The moral is that we cannot truly understand unless we search for meaning ourselves. Someone else can tell us about it, but we need to experience it in order to know what it means. The narrator says that what makes the water from the well so good is all the hard work that went into finding the well with water. Relationships, objects, and experiences are rewarding only when a person puts his/her own time and effort into it.
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It shows us how we can only understand different things in the world about through experienceing them as how he showed the little prince venturing the worlds and meeting different people and thus grows up in a way most "grown ups" never experienced.

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