What message did the Nurse take Juliet in Act 2?

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The nurse told Juliet in Act 2 that Romeo did indeed want to marry her and was to tell her parents that she was going to confession later that afternoon. In reality she would be going to meet Romeo and the Friar at the Abbey to marry.

The nurse brought her the message, but did so in a teasing manner. She took her time by complaining about her back, her headache, being out of breath, and changing the subject to Juliet's mother.

This scene functions as one of the most comedic of the play.

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Juliet had earlier requested the nurse to seek out Romeo and inquire what his intentions were: was he prepared to commit himself to marriage or not? The nurse eventually finds Romeo and confronts him with Juliet's inquiry. Romeo tells the nurse that she should inform Juliet to meet him at Friar Laurence's cell that afternoon where they would be married. He also asks her to stay awhile for one of his friends will provide a rope ladder which he would use later that evening to gain entry into Juliet's chamber to consummate their marriage.

Juliet made this request at nine in the morning and was desperately and impatiently waiting for the nurse to return. When the nurse eventually turns up at noon, Juliet is almost frantic. She seeks an immediate response. The nurse, however, teases Juliet by not immediately informing her of Romeo's message. She instead complains about her aches and pains and how arduous her task had been. She consistently avoids responding to Juliet's desperate queries by repeatedly trying to change the topic, causing Juliet to become even more desperate.

The nurse finally informs Juliet about Romeo's request after asking her whether she had leave to take communion that afternoon. Juliet replies in the affirmative and the nurse tells her to use communion as an excuse to go to church and meet Romeo at Friar Laurence's cell where they would be married. The nurse notices Juliet's scarlet blush and further informs her that she (the nurse) has to rush off to fetch the ladder Romeo mentioned. She then instructs Juliet to leave and she would then go to dinner whilst Juliet hurries to Friar Laurence's cell.   

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