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What media piece- article, video, presentation, song and other- related to the...

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What media piece- article, video, presentation, song and other- related to the scientfic method, creating hypotheses, or designi experiements would you use to describe to help  you better to understand how the scientific method is used to create hypotheses and experiments. Please provde link or citation.

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When using the scientific method to solve a problem or question, make sure you concisely state the question. Do your homework and find out what is known about this question already. Formulate a hypothesis. It is an educated guess as to a possible answer to the question. It can be tested by an experiment. A well-designed experiment tests one variable at a time. It must be a controlled experiment. One group--the experimental group gets the variable you are testing and the other group--the control group, is untested and doesn't get the variable. You must collect data carefully and analyze the data at the end of the research. Conclusions are then made and shared. Was your hypothesis correct? If not, you must come up with a new hypothesis and experiment. If it was, others will test it to prove its validity. The scientific method is a logical way to solve problems in everyday life and in such fields as research, medicine, detective work and other careers.


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