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What is meant by figurative language? Give examples.I have to write a dialogue between...

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What is meant by figurative language? Give examples.

I have to write a dialogue between two friends using figurative language. Therefore, I need to understand what exactly figurative language is and what it includes.

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Figurative language, simply put, is language not meant to be taken literally. "Figures of speech" are probably the basis for the notion of figurative language as a term.  Common examples of figurative lanuage would be metaphor and simile but also colloquialisms (aka figures of speech) fall into this category.

Hyperbole can be considered a form of figurative language as well, but will often not be as quickly recognized as being figurative when compared to the more obvious use of metaphor or figures of speech.

Some examples:

  • Colloquialism: "Isn't that the pot calling the kettle black."
  • Hyperbole: "I was late to class so I was flying down the street in my car. That's when I hit the pothole and now my life is ruined."




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