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What made Tom visit the Ewell's house in the first place?

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What made Tom visit the Ewell's house in the first place?

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According to Tom, she asked him to come on in and help her get something off the top of a chiffarobe on the day in question. She couldn't reach it and claimed she needed his tall reach. However, she had asked him to do many of the chores around the place and she regularly didn't pay him. He claimed he was happy to do these.

Mayella claims on the day in question he was there to bust up a chiffarobe for her. Tom says that he did indeed do this but it was on an entirely different day.

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I assume that you are asking about the time that he went to the house and Mayella claimed that he raped her.  You can find his version of these events in Chapter 19.

According to Tom Robinson, Mayella called him inside the fence and up to the house to help her out.  She said that a screen door was falling off its hinges and she wanted him to fix it.

She had often, he said, called him in to help with various things.  He always had to pass by the Ewell home to get to the places where he worked for Linc Deas.

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