What is the literary device used in Act I, Scene iii, Lines 79-80 in "Romeo and Juliet"?"A man, young lady! Lady, such a man as all the worl- why, he's a man of wax."  

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There are actually two literary devices used in this comment from Juliet's Nurse; they are hyperbole and repetition.  The nurse uses an extreme exaggeration to help the argument for Paris along when she says that he is the best man in all the world. This helps her to support Lady Capulet in their attempt to convince Juliet to consider his suit for marriage. The repetition of the word "man" helps to put her point across as to the importance of the situation; and, the fact that she isn't using the word "boy" suggests that he is more important than the boys of Juliet's age.  Combined, both hyperbole and repetition show the Nurse's excitement for the situation and her support that Juliet considers him.


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