What is the limit of lim (tan(x-(p/2))/(x-(p/2)-cos(x)) when x approach to (p/2) ?tan(x-(p/2)) not tan (x+(p/2))Please I need detailed answer.



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i said the lim_(x -gt pi/2) (tan(x-pi/2))/((x-pi/2)-cos(x))` not lim_(x -gt pi/2) (tan(x-pi/2)/(x-pi/2)-cos(x))`
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I'm so sorry I mistyped again the syntax of limit it's lim (tan(x-(p/2))/(x-(p/2)+cos(x)) not lim (tan(x-(p/2))/(x-(p/2)-cos(x)) the sign of cos will make difference you will get +ifini -infini but I can't prove that i just GeoGebra to draw it. so can you please explain me how can i calculate lim (tan(x-(p/2))/(x-(p/2)+cos(x)) ? I'm sorry again

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