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What are at least three possible alternative solutions? A buyer has to cancel orders...

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What are at least three possible alternative solutions?

A buyer has to cancel orders with manufactures due to an economic downturn. The buyer knows the cancelled orders would seriously cripple the vendors or put them out of business. The buyer is torn between following the directions of her supervisors and leaving the company to avoid causing damage to the vendors which she has developed relationships with. The buyer only has three years of experience and knows she will not have the same opportunities elsewhere if she resigns.

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This is a hard situation. If she stays with the company and cancels the orders, she will have a job, but she may incur the anger of the vendors. If she quits her job, so that she does not have to cancel the orders, she will lose her job, but at least be on friendly terms with the vendor. 

In light of these two difficulties, there are a few options. First, she can try to renegotiate the order. Perhaps the vendor will sell them at a cheaper price or be able to modify the order to make it smaller.

Another option is for her to find another buyer for the products, so that even though she cancels the orders, the vendors have a place to sell their products. In this situation, she can win out on both fronts, and gain the favor of all parties who are involved.

If these solutions are not possible, she should simply be honest and let the vendors know as early as possible, so that they can think of a solution. 

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