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What is language acquisition according to Noam Chomsky?

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What is language acquisition according to Noam Chomsky?

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According to the Language Acquisition Theory by Noam Chomsky, humans have a linguistic corpus which is a form of defense mechanism that allows language in any language to be brought down to pure meaning. This linguistic corpus is called a Language Acquisition Device (LAD). The theory states that this corpus has the capability of absorbing the many elements that constitute language: Sound, intonation, symbols, and words. These elements combine with the individual's own schema to create meaning. In Chomsky's theory language is acquired naturally through conversations, interaction, and experience. What we make of the language we learn is unique to each speaker. The manner in which we learn the language that we are exposed to depends on our affect, on our ability to monitor learning, and in the manner in which language occurs. Basically Chomsky says that we can learn language naturally without emotional barriers which could block the psychological neutrality of the process.

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