What kind of narrator tells the story of Déjà Vu by Ian Hocking?

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The narrator of Déjà Vu by Ian Hocking is a third-person narrator who is objective and at a distance, not making editorial or satirical commentary, who is outside the story and telling events as they happen.

Saskia approached the desk and adjusted the position of its antique blotter while she thought. She stroked a framed photograph: her English boyfriend, Simon.

The narrator has an omniscient point-of-view and can see the thoughts, feeling, motives, or anything else of any character at any time. For instance, the story starts out with the narrator speaking from Saskia's point-of-view but then changes to Herr Beckman's point-of-view.

Herr Hauptkommissar Beckmann wore a grey Nehru Jacket with a lemon-yellow flower in its buttonhole.

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