What is Jack's/Earnest's view on marriage in The Importance of Being Earnest?I know Algernon believes it is demoralizing and dull, Gwendolen and Celicly only want to marry because of a unique...

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Jack is quite romantic and does believe in love and commitment. He shows his ability for commitment by taking care of Cecily in the country and becoming her guardian. He also seems to have a settled head with finances (as Jack, not as Earnest) and truly seems to be bedazzled by Gwendolyn. He was extremely upset at Gwen's obsession with the name Earnest, and he even said "I have to get Christened at once!"

He even went through the troubles of having to answer Lady Bracknell, and through the humiliation of being called a "parcel" by her. In all, Jack does have an inclination to make it in a marriage. But you never know, since he also has a "bunburyist" side just like Algy.

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