What is the ionic equation of  NaOH + HCl -> H2O +NaCl



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`NaOH_(aq) + HCl_(aq) -> H2O_(l) + NaCl_(aq)`

Write the ionic form of the above reaction...

 Ionic equation

`(Na^+) + (OH^-) + (H^+) + (Cl^-) -> (H_2O) + (Na^+) + (Cl^-)`

Cancel out the exactly the terms from either side of the reaction..

Net Ionic Equation...

`(OH^-) + (H^+) -> H_2O`

Follow the link for rules to write net ionic equation.

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Here the reaction is called as nutrilization reaction.


Tio write a net ionic equation, we must follow the follow rules

1. write the balanced reaction with their phrases

2. write the full ionic equation. only (aq) phrases will disassociate not solid, gas and liquid

3. remove the common ion, the resulting equation is the net ionic eqaution


for the reaction

balanced reaction:

NaOH (aq) + HCl(aq)=====> NaCl(aq) + H2O(l)

full ionic equation

Na(+)(aq) + OH(-)(aq) + H+(aq) + Cl(-)(aq)===> Na(+)(aq) + Cl(-)(aq) +H2O

net ionic equation:

H(+)(aq) + OH(-) (aq) ===> H2O(l)

[here water will be in liquid phase not in aqueous phase]

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Posted on (Answer #4)

the full ionic equation for NaOH + HCl -> H2O +NaCl looks like:

`Na^+(aq) + OH^- (aq) + H^+ (aq) + Cl^- (aq) -gt Na^+ (aq) + Cl^- (aq) + H2O (l)`

When you cancel like terms in the equation you end up with the net ionic equation which is:

`OH^- (aq) + H^+ (aq) -> H2O (l)`

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NaOH (aq) + HCl(aq) ---> NaCl(aq) + H2O(l)

ionic equation

`Na(+)(aq) + OH(-)(aq) + H+(aq) + Cl(-)(aq)---gt Na(+)(aq) + Cl(-)(aq) +H2O `

net ionic equation:

Just like you solve for x in an equation find like terms and delete:

H(+)(aq) + OH(-) (aq) ---> H2O(l)

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