What is the internal conflict of Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl?  

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The internal conflict with which Anne wrestles through the pages of her diary is the turmoil of maturation, the awakening of new feelings and emotions and understandings about herself and the world around her.

The impact of the changes she is sensing and feeling is amplified because of the living conditions in which she is trapped. There is minimal privacy or opportunity for calm and secure reflection about how her perceptions of and relations to her world are changing. The desires and attempts to assert her newly-found independence are confounded by the necessity of remaining undetected in the attic, surrounded by others who are concerned for their safety more than for her budding adulthood.

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The Diary of Anne Frank opens on Anne's 13th birthday and ends not long after her 15th birthday. Anne begins her diary with the all the childish enthusiasm of a girl that age, however we see, as the diary goes on, that Anne goes through many changes during her time in the attic. We see her struggles as clearly and if they were our own.

The biggest internal conflict Anne faces, is the fact that she is maturing and she has to do it with little to no privacy. As she writes in her diary, we see how much Anne is growing. She is now questioning things that are more important to humanity. Where the family is hiding, there is no privacy. Anne is becoming more of a woman. She and Peter develop a close friendship, which her father is not very fond of, and Anne is forced to face the fact of what is happening to Jews in Europe. Anne wants to be known as Anne, not just a number or that she is just Jewish. She considers herself to be German, but everyone else looks at her differently, just because she is a Jew. Anne also has the internal conflict of never being to go outside. She is a young girl, but isn't allowed to go out and get fresh air. The families also have to struggle with the lack of food. The food supply is running low and the families have to come to terms with that. 

Of course, these things are just a foretaste of the real horror that are to come. Anne Frank shows extreme courage in the face of incredible darkness. All Anne wanted was to be remembered for who she was, and that is exactly what we do. We remember the girl she was and we remember the horrible evil that pervaded the world. 


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