In "The Crucible", what information does Mary Warren provide about the trial? What role is she playing at the trial? Why does John forbid her from attending?

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Mary Warren is one of the girls included in the circle of Abigail Williams. They are supposed to be key witnesses in the witchcraft trial. After a day of attending the trial, Proctor insists that she has a job with them and she should not be neglecting her duties to go to the trial. Mary defies Proctor and says she is an official of the court and, therefore, she must attend the proceedings. She then mentions that Elizabeth Proctor is a possible suspect in the investigation of witchcraft. Proctor convinces Mary that she must expose Abigail to the court but Mary is intimidated by Abigail when she goes to expose her. She joins Abigail's group once again and her behavior helps lead to John Proctor's arrest.

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