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What is the importance of setting to the story "The Kite Runner"?We need to know the...

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What is the importance of setting to the story "The Kite Runner"?

We need to know the importance of the setting to the meaning of the story, and i know the setting is Afghanistan and America, but I need three quotes that reflect the importance of the setting to the meaning of the story!!! and I have noo idea where to look... and they can't be from the sparknotes of cliffnotes or any novel guide like that... PLEASE HELPPP! :'(

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The story begins in a country as foreign to America as America is to it.  The settings are important because they tell about what is happening in the country.  The Afgahanastan that Amir lives in as a child is settled at first with little political strife that he is aware of.  However, there are the prejudices against the Hazaras. 

There are several ways to look at the relationship of Afgahanastan to America.  In chapter 11 in my book it states;

"Baba loved the idea of America.  It was living in America that gave him an ulcer."  (125)

Baba suffers from an ulcer from having to work so hard in America, adjust to the changes, and lack of respect.  In Afghanistan he had bee wealthy and a man of prestige. 

In America Baba has to run a flea market booth to make money.  In his country of origin he made money by use of his business skills but lived a much better life with more money. 

"Then early Sunday mornings we drove to the San Jose flea market off Berryessa, rented a spot, and sold the junk for a profit." (137)

Afghanistan has been a country of turmoil.  When Hassan remained behind he lived in a time when the place was being bombed as the Taliban fighters began to take control.  The setting was pivotal as this leads to his eventual death. 

"On those days when the rocket fire eased up a bit and the gunfighting was light, Hassan would take Sohrab to the zoo to see Marjan, the lion, or to the cinema."(212)

When Hassan writes to Amir he tells him of the changes to Afghanistan.

"In Kabul, fear is everywhere, in the streets, in the stadium, in the markets, it is part of our lives here, Amir agah."(216)




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