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What implications does the following statement have on literature: "Philosophers have...

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What implications does the following statement have on literature: "Philosophers have interpreted the world so far, the point is to change it."

This is meant to be related to Marxism and Marxist Criticism.

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The statement helps to bring the Praxis idea of Marxist philosophy into greater focus.  The idea within Praxis is the bridging of theory and practice, that theoretical constructs are only validated when there is some actual understanding of practice to go along with them.  For example, Marxist notions of alienated labor mean little if individuals cannot apply these theoretical ideas to the real world and alter those conditions.  For the thinker who believes in a sense of Praxis, or merging between theory and reality, the quote holds much in way of implication regarding nature and literature.  A very interesting application of the quote's ideas can be seen in the American Social Realist movement of the 1930s.  As the Great Depression took a strong hold in America, artists felt the need to depict what they saw as racial and economic injustice in their work.  This brings to light the idea that philosophical inquiry holds importance, but must be linked to the experience of individuals in order to hold relevance.

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