What is a hybrid movie?  What are some of the ways that documentary, narrative, and experimental movies intersect?LOOKING AT MOVIES: by Richard Barsam & Dan Monahan,  NY: W. W. Norton &...

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Hybrid forms and genres are becoming increasingly popular in film, TV and literature. The rise of reality television may be one factor responsible for the hybridizing of documentary feature films, since the popularity of reality TV may lead more audiences to become interested in stories presented as "real." This hybridized form can be described as an experimental film genre. Some recent examples of films that are hybrids of documentary and fiction include EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP (about the street artist Bansky and a photographer who, after following and photographing Banksy, decides to become an artists himself) and CATFISH (a film about a New York photographer who befriends a young painter in Michigan and her family, and eventually discovers that the online relationships he creates with them are not entirely real).  


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