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What is the history of the Americans with Disabilities Act?I've looked on the internet...

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What is the history of the Americans with Disabilities Act?

I've looked on the internet and could really find anything and i have more question I have to answer and I hate to spend so much time on one question, when I can just ask for help. Thank you.

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You can find all the information you could hope to find on the Americans with Disabilities act at the ADA's homepage, which is listed in the sources section. On the 17th anniversary of the act's being signed into law, President Bush said, "This legislation became one of the most successful and compassionate reforms in our Nation's history, helping to ensure that individuals with disabilities are better able to develop meaningful skills, engage in productive work, and participate fully in the life of our Nation." A link to the complete text of the bill is in the sources section as well.

A long list of the groups that worked to pass the ADA is at wikipedia (see the sources section). Justin W. Dart, who co-founded the American Association of People with Disabilities, was responsible for bringing these groups together to advocate for the rights of the disabled. Another influential supporter of the ADA was James S. Brady, former press secretary to Ronald Reagan who was injured and left disabled in the assassination attempt on the former president. 

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The Americans with Disabilities Act ( July 26 1990) is a policy that needs all of the public buildings in USA to be handicapped-accessible, and also forced the employers to make reasonable accommodations to handicapped workers. When hiring, employers cannot discriminate against disabled interviewees. It was signed by George W. Bush, and this act was put into practice so as to stop companies from rejecting disabled people.

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