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What is the hero's journey of Mahatma Gandhi? Mainly who is his guardian/mentor/helper...

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What is the hero's journey of Mahatma Gandhi?

Mainly who is his guardian/mentor/helper and what is the call to adventure?



Call:  Invites the hero into the adventures offers an opportunity to face the unknown and gain some physical or spiritual value.  It may be taken on willingly or forced upon them.

Threshold: “Jumping off point.” The interface between the known and the unknown.  Known world = security; unknown = a different, unfamiliar world with dangers and challenges.

Threshold Guardians: People, beings, or situations which block the passage to the journey.  Two Functions:  1) Protects hero from journeying before ready. 2) Once ready, steps aside & points the way.

Helpers: Provide assistance or direction.  Often, the help comes as a divine gift or intervention.

Mentor:(Guide) Keeps the hero focused on the quest, provides stability, act as psychological foundation when the danger is the greatest.

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For Gandhi, his calling is not so much one to "adventure" as a call to service. In the service of peace, he underwent great personal sacrifice and was an inspiration to many, and to this day remains the primary human model of nonviolent activism. Gandhi was called to be a leader in the fight for independence for India, and to help quell the violent uprising of the nation's citizens, encouraging them to find peaceful solutions and to resist violent behavior, even in response to violent attacks.

No doubt Gandhi felt his actions were presided over by his gods, and his religious faith guided him forward; in this way his religion served as a guarding force for him. As well, his many thousands of followers provided a sort of buffer zone to help guide him and protect him.

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