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What is health and its aspects?Health ==>  the state of being balanced physically,...

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What is health and its aspects?

Health ==>  the state of being balanced physically, mentally and               socially.


  • eat sensibly 
  • engage in physical activities
  • regular rest and sleep
  • limited intake of alcohol
  • not using / smoking alchohol or any other social drug
  • approving your ability to deal with stress and major situations/crisis-es
  • taking part in more social events
  • HAVE FUN !!!!!

Can you name any others and give another definition ?

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Clearly, you are including mental and emotional health in here, not just physical health.  Therefore, I would say that you also need to have some sort of a close support group.  These can be family or close friends.  I think that you can't just take part in group social events -- you also need some people who you can really depend on at any time.  That makes you feel more secure.

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Using actions as a definition of health is interesting to me because I often see health defined as a state (or state of being), not as a set of actions or activities. 

To me, the key word in your definition of health is "balance".

Health grows from a balance between rest and motion; between types of foods/nutrients; between work and play. 

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I would add using your mind to this.  People are more healthy when they learn.  As we age, it becomes less common to learn new things if we get set in our way.  We should learn to develop our minds and exercise them like our bodies.

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