What happens at the end of "The King of the Bingo Game"? It seems like the protagonist (after getting accosted by the police) actually does land on double zero.  Why do the police hit him upside...

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The Bingo King is a man who is desperately trying to win at bingo to make some money so he can take his dying wife to the doctor.

When the man wins at bingo, he is given the chance to win a jackpot of almost $37.00.  In order to do so, he must push a button that starts a wheel turning.  As long as the wheel does not land on the double zeroes, he will win, so he continues to hold the button down.  At first the audience becomes angry, demanding that he leave the stage, but the man is feeling as if he is in control and that if he can do this his way, he can win.  The bingo caller demands that he release the button, but still the man refuses.

Two policemen approach him to take the button away.  To avoid them, he runs across the stage, refusing to relinquish the button until they finally knock him to the ground and take the button away.  When they do, the wheel stops on the double zeroes.  The man begins to argue until he is hit in the head by one of the policemen, feeling a "dull pain exploding in his head," and so the story ends.

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