What happened to Abigail after the end of The Crucible?  

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In the end of the play (in my copy of the book, at least) the author gives a brief rundown on what happens to various characters after the play ends.

He does not say for sure what happens to Abigail Williams.  However, he does say that "legend" says that she went to Boston and became a prostitute.

I think that he would probably say this because it would seem somewhat just.  Since Abigail already more or less sold her soul for revenge and/or power, it is poetic justice, perhaps, that she should end up selling her body too.

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After the trials passed Paris was later voted out of office.  He disappeared from sight.  It was believed that Abigail became a prostitute somewhere in Boston. 

The government, about twenty years following all the trials, compensated some of the victims that were alive.  Elizabeth Proctor had survived but her husband John had been hung.  She married again.

Many of the victims farms had been left to ruin and the cattle ran wild in the state.  People did not want to buy them whether it was because they were bad luck or no one wanted to own property gained in such a horrific and unfair way.

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