What had drawn Gatsby to Daisy when he first met her?

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The first time Jay Gatsby met Daisy, she was eighteen-year-old Daisy Fay, a beautiful and well-to-do young woman who lived with her parents in a large home close to Camp Taylor, a training and staging point for troops being prepared to depart for the European front. As was the case with many of the officers stationed at Camp Taylor, Gatsby was attracted to this attractive Southern belle and joined the others who "demanded the privilege of monopolizing her that night."

Daisy had material wealth, beauty, refinement, charm - all the qualities Gatsby felt he had not acquired from his parents but was determined to obtain. He became infatuated with Daisy for what she had as well as for who she was; Daisy returned the infatuation and was heartbroken (at least for a few months) when he was shipped overseas.


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