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What groups and organizations was Adolf Hitler involved in? I need to know for a...

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What groups and organizations was Adolf Hitler involved in?

I need to know for a history assignment, and every time I try to google it, it comes up with groups about Hitler, not ones that he was actually involved in.

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Adolf Hitler (1889-1945) was a member of only to major parties and organizations throughout his life. The first was German Army, which he joined in 1914 at the start of World War I. He remained in the army till March 1920 rising up to the level of corporal.

The other organization of which Hitler was a member is Popularly known as Nazi Party. This was originally a small group of people under the name German Worker's Party. Hitler started attending the meeting of this group and joined it in 1919. Soon he became leader of the party and changed its name to National Socialist German Worker's Party.

Under the leadership of Hitler the Nazi party steadily increased its political power. As a result Hitler, in his capacity of leader of Nazi party, was appointed Chancellor of Germany in 1933. Soon after that he managed to acquire dictatorial powers. Hitler remained the head of Nazi Party till his suicide in 1945.

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Adolf Hitler was part of the following groups and organizations:

1) Bavarian Army: Hitler joined German Army in 1914 before the beginning of WWI and rose to the rank of Corporal. He was also awarded several medals. 

2) Reichswhr: Between 1918 and 1919, Hitler was part of Reichswhr, whose main task was to persuade returning soldiers not to join communism or pacifism. During this assignment he was asked to infiltrate the German Workers Party, which he later joined.

3) German Worker's Party: The organization that later was renamed the National Socialist German Workers Party (NAZI). This organization is where Hitler did most of his work and rose to the position of Chancellor and President and later the supreme power in Germany.   

These are the only groups or organizations I could find.

Hope this helps.


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Adolf Hitler was involved in the growth and development of some parties and organizations that eventually evolved to be the most influential parties of his time. Hitler was a soldier in the Bavarian Army and served actively in World WarI. After the 1st World War, Hitler was appointed as an intelligence agent in the Reich Defense with the purpose of influencing other soldiers and infiltrating the German Workers’ Party. He was then invited to join the party by the founder who he personally admired. To make the German Workers’ Party popular the members re-branded it as the National Socialist German Workers Party together with a new banner, the swastika. The National Socialist German Workers Party was not very stable because of infighting and at one point Hitler left and returned after some conditions were met.


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