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What is a good way to conclude a debate?The debate is: In the golden age, Greece was...

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What is a good way to conclude a debate?

The debate is: In the golden age, Greece was higher thinking and cultural than Canada.

I am opposing this, so i need to say why canada is higher thinking and more cultural, any ideas!

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I think that more specific detail is needed in helping you out here.  I would suggest that part of your analysis might have to involve suggesting that Greek society might not have been "higher" or "more cultural" in the first place.  I think that a part of this might involve pointing out that Greek society was rooted in a stratification system that actively endorsed enslavement of individuals.  Any society where enslavement is so evident and so unabashed cannot be considered virtuous.  At the same time, the position of women in Greek society is something that has to be debated.  While slaves were a part of the Greek social setting, women occupied even lower status.  This cannot be seen as something reflecting higher notions of culture and "higher thought."  I think that more context is needed in discussing how Canada fits into this schematic, but in general, it might be important to suggest that the Classical Notion of Greek society carried with it some implications that we would now look at as wrong or areas in which the Greeks did not "get it right."  This might be a point to bring out in the closing of your debate, as it could help prove to be a valid point in assessing the nature of Greek society.

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