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What is a good thesis regarding Stilgar from Dune?okay, so, this is what I have to do...

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What is a good thesis regarding Stilgar from Dune?

okay, so, this is what I have to do via teacher's instructions.  My thesis needs to discuss how Stilgar is the epitome of the Fremen. I just need an example to hand into him. I really need help with this as I am stuck. I promise I will not hand in an example that you give. i just need something to get my mind rolling.

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I'm hoping other people who are experts on Dune will chime in, but here's my take.  Stilgar is the Fremen chieftain who Paul and Lady Jessica run into in the desert after their flight from Arakeen.  He is very different from anyone whom Paul has ever met.  He is a desert person, who considers water the only wealth.  He lives a tribal lifestyle, including complicated kinship customs, the practice of having multiple wives and concubines, and a strictly survivalist culture.  Stilgar places importance on honor and on prowess in battle -- he is a rural person, and not part of the courtly, urban world that Paul and his mother come from.

If you are supposed to illustrate how Stilgar is the epitome of the Fremen, take episode from the book which show Stilgar doing typically Fremen things well.  When he first meets Paul and Jessica - what does he do?  How does Stilgar preserve water?  How does he fight -- what does he fight for?  What is important to Stilgar, and what is not?  Does Stilgar ever rebuke other Fremen for not measuring up to some Fremen standard?  Is Stilgar ever an example for other Fremen?  Re-read those portions where Stilgar is present (start with the meeting in the desert), and how Stilgar teaches Paul and Jessica to survive, and you may find some good examples.

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