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What is a good current news item related to business in the global environment?  The...

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What is a good current news item related to business in the global environment? 

The current issue must:

- Include at least 2 different nations that are involved

- At least one current issue outside of Canada,

- Include Canada in some way (optional, but preferable).

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Among the links below, you can find two links to articles from The Economist that have to do with issues of Canadian business and the global economy.  One of them is more of what you might call an “issue” while the other is more current.  One or both should be useful to you.

The older article is from two months ago.  It is regarding the Keystone XL pipeline.  The status of this pipeline is still up in the air so this ought to count as a current issue.  This issue involves the US and Canada.  It involves environmental issues of various sorts that can affect businesses in today’s global environment.  Because the pipeline goes through the US, US laws affect it greatly even though it would be carrying Canadian oil.

The newer article is current right now.  It looks at the effort by Bombardier, the Canadian airplane company, to make a new airplane that will compete with the Boeing 737 and the Airbus A320.  Other airplane-makers in China and Russia have been trying to get new models of their own into production.  This shows how competitive the global market is for airplanes.


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