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What is the geography of Germany?I'm doing a history exam on Germany and one of the...

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What is the geography of Germany?

I'm doing a history exam on Germany and one of the requirements is to know the geography (my teacher doesn't want us to use wiki). It HAS to be ACCURATE, please.

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According to the Volume Library,published by The Soutwestern Company of Nashville, Tennessee, Germany is divided geographically.  Northern Germany is low and flat, while southern Germany is hilly and of complex relief.  The North German Plain, south of a low, sandy northern costline, is low and dotted with swamps and lakes, especially in the northeast.  Toward the interior are hummocks and low hills.

The elevation begins to rise in central Germany, the Mittelland, a region of uplands with plateaus and low mountains broken by broad river valleys.  Thes uplands rise into the Bohemian forest, the Black Forest, and the Bavarian Plateau until, near the southern border, the Alps reach almost 10,000 feet. 

Several major European rivers cross Germany. The Rhine, with its tributaries, including the Main and Moselle, the Ems; the Weser; and the Elbe all flow through central Germany, many into the North Sea.  The Oder crosses into the Baltic.  The Danube and the Inn drain souther Germany and flow toward the Black Sea.  The Rhine is also a well-known river as the city of Bonn is located near it.  The two major bodies of water that Germany borders are the Baltic Sea and the North Sea.

Germany's climate it located in the world's temperate zone.  Warm ocean currents moderate the cold of the far north, and high elevations counteract warmer tendencies toward the south.  Winter temperatures average below 20F in the south and about 30F in the north.  Summer temperatures average in the mid-60's throughout the country   Rainfall is moderate, averaging about 30inches for the country as a whole.  Germany is bordered by France Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Austria, and Sweden.

There is additional information at the site below.

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