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What is the formula name for Ca2+ and NH4+?

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What is the formula name for Ca2+ and NH4+?

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Ions are formed when an atom or a molecule either lose or gains an electron. When an ion is a positively charged it is called a cation. When it is negatively charged it is an anion. Ca2+ (calcium ion) and NH4+ (ammonium ion) are cations. 

These ions are produced in a solution. For example Calcium Chloride, CaCl2. In solution they form Ca2+ and Cl- ions

CaCl2 ---> Ca2+  + 2 Cl-

another example: NH4Cl (ammonium chloride)

NH4Cl ---> NH4+ + Cl-


It is always a fact that when an ionic substance is dissolved in water, cations ans anions are present.

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