What food substances are there in milk?It is for a biology prep,  I have researched but am unsure. Any suggestions help :)



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Milk is considered on of the most nutritional food that every human should intake. It is essential to our body most especially for children and babies.

Milk in general contains:


1. Carbohydrates - sugar in the form of lactose, an energy giving substance.

2. Calcium (in casein form) - strengthen the bones and teeth

3. fats and oils - provide a large amount of energy and some are found to be antioxidant.

4. vitamins and minerals - aid in good metabolism, can produce energy, helps in strengthening the immune system,act as anti oxidant

5. amino acid and proteins - helps in building our muscles for growth and development.


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They contain 

Carbohydrates- sugar in the form of the disaccharide lactose, they give energy

Calcium- good for bones

Fats and oils(depends if it is full, 2 percent or skimmmed which means it has no fat)- gives more energy than carbohydrates




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Thank you :)

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