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What kind of food associated with New Orleans (although avoiding hot spices) is proper...

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What kind of food associated with New Orleans (although avoiding hot spices) is proper to serve on Shrove Tuesday?

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In England, pancakes were the main food traditionally served on Shrove Tuesday.  In New Orleans, however, Shrove Tuesday (or Mardi Gras) food often includes the following:

  • "king cakes" (round decorated cakes featuring yeast and sugar)
  • dirty rice
  • Louisiana red rice
  • gumbo
  • etoufee
  • jambalaya
  • fried fish
  • Chicken-Andouille Gumbo
  • Okra Creole
  • bayou friend shrimp

and many of the other recipes featured at this site:


As the authors of another site state,

If there's one thing people from New Orleans know how to do, it's eat. Mardi Gras wouldn't be Mardi Gras without the signature cakes, cocktails, and crawfish that keep the party pumping. From sugar-dusted doughnuts to saucy rice dishes, Cajun/Creole cooking is a mishmash of cuisines from all over the world, including French, West African, Portuguese, and Native American.




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