What are five important events that  happened in The Outsiders?


The Outsiders

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In the novel "The Outsiders," one important event is the Socs jump Ponyboy on his way home from the movies.  This sets up more friction between the Greasers and the Socs.  Another important event is Ponyboy and Johnny sitting with Cherry and Marcia at the Drive-In which leads to the boys walking the girls to Two-Bit's car.  They have another confrontation with the Socs.  This leads to a later event where the Socs attack Ponyboy in the park and Johnny kills Bob with a knife. 

Ponyboy and Johnny run away to Jay mountain and by hiding out there eventually end up saving some small children from a fire.  This results in Johnny being badly burned and his back being broken.  The Greasers and Socs have a rumble, Johnny dies, Dally robs a store and gets gunned down in the street by cops.

Hope this helps.  The links below will give more specific information about each event.

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1. When he is attacked by socs at the start of the book

2. When Ponyboy meets the Soc girls

3. When Ponyboy runs away and Jonny kills Bob

4. When the church is on fire and Jonny and Ponyboy try to save the kids in the building

5.The ending of the book which is the fight between the socs and the greasers

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There was a ton of important events but I will list some major events.

First: Ponyboy gets jumped on by the Socs.

Second: When Ponyboy, Johnny, and Steve met Cherry and Marcia [Don't know if Marcia was her name].

Third: Johnny kills the Socs to save Ponyboy and runs away to an abandoned church

Fourth: Church caught on fire and they saved the kids inside but Johnny gets crushed by the roof and sooner or later dies after the fifth event.

Fifth: The greasers and socs had a rumble [Of course Greasers were victorious].

Overall a good book! You should see the movie if you loved the book!

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  1. Ponyboy gets jumped or beat up by the Socs
  2. Johnny stabs Bob
  3. The church burns while Johnny is in it and Johnny ends up dying from burns and his broken back
  4. The greasers and socs have a huge fight
  5. Dally gets shot and dies
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1. The beggining of the novel when ponyboy is jumped

2. The drive in movie when the boys meet Cherry

3. The argument between ponyboy and his brothers when he ran away

4. The death of Bob

5. The deaths of Johnny and Dallas

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what about the chat between randy and ponyboy in the car? it helped ponyboy understand more about the socs (:

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1.  The first major event is when Ponyboy kills Steve in the park after the Socs' try to drown him.

2.  The next major event is when Johnny and Pony run away to the old church to hide from the law and getting arrested for the murder in the park.

3.  Another big event in the story is when the old church catches on fire from a lit cigarette butt left accidentally by Johnny. Ponyboy and Johnny become heroes when they run into the church to save the school children who were inside.

4.  Next, Johnny is badly burned, rushed to the hospital, where he later dies from his burn injuries.

5.  The last major event is the Rumble that takes place between the Socs' and the Greasers, which the Greasers win.

While there are many events going on throughout the story, these five stand out as the most significant to the plot.  Each event taught the boys something important about life.

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First off, Johnny kills Bob, not Steve (Steve is his buddy!!!). Also, Johnny dies not only from his burns but alos from his broken back as well.

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