What factors led to the growth of America nationalism in the 1760's?

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The factors that led to the growth of American nationalism during this time are tied mainly to the French and Indian War.  There were three main factors that came out of the war and led to more nationalism.  They included:

  • The reaction of colonial men to what they saw of the British army.  While colonists served with the British in this war, they came to think badly of the British.  For example, many of them were alarmed by the brutal way in which officers treated their men.  This (along with greater contact with fellow colonists from other colonies) made them feel more American and less British.
  • More regulation by the British government.  After the war, the British government tried to exert more control over the colonies.  This can be seen in such things as the Proclamation of 1763.  This led to resentment and more of a feeling of nationalism.
  • Taxes.  This is perhaps the most famous of the factors.  When the British imposed taxes to help pay for the war, Americans were angered.  They felt that only they should have the ability to levy taxes on themselves.  This, too, led to a sense that the colonies were separate from Britain.

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