What fact about Atticus's defense does Scout learn from the Idlers' Club?***not the 14 day limit

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What Scout learns is not really so much about the defense itself.  Instead, she learns from the Idlers' Club something about why Atticus is defending Tom Robinson.  This can be found in Chapter 16.

Ever since it has become known that Atticus will defend Tom Robinson, Scout and Jem have been hearing people criticizing their father.  Many whites are upset that he would be defending a black man accused of raping a white woman.

When Scout is listening to the Idlers' Club, she hears that Atticus was appointed to defend Robinson.  She wishes she had known this because then she could have defended herself and her father by saying he was not doing it by choice.

This is important because it shows us something about Atticus.  It shows us that he does not want to defend himself as if he is doing something wrong.  He wants to defend Robinson regardless of what others think.

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