To what extent was the Vietnam war lost because of the hostility of much of the American media?I would like to know the impact of the media on the war as well as other factors that may have...

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The American media had a huge impact on the Vietnam war. The constant barrage of television with its body bags in the field and coffins in returning airplanes brought home the cost of the war.  The student/youth protests such as the debacle at Kent State where several students were hurt or killed was shown over and over, pointing out that even here people were being killed over this war.   The picture on tv of the young girl aflame with napalm running toward the camera brought home the horror of war to the civilian population at home.  The release of the Pentagon Papers which revealed the lies and deception of the American government added to the push to end the war.  Returning soldiers were sometimes ambivalent about why we were in Vietnam in the first place as the French had been there first and given it up.  The push to end the war finally became insurmountable, and the United States withdrew its troops.


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