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To what extent was the Canadian government successful in it's attempts to deal with the...

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To what extent was the Canadian government successful in it's attempts to deal with the depression?

I'd like to know both sides of the statement, the positive and negative things the Canadian government did to deal with the depression. Thanks.

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Not Successful:
• Economic survival was difficult in the 1930s.
• During King’s term in office, he felt assistance should come from municipal and
provincial levels of government.
• King took the approach of less federal government intervention the better.
• Uncertainty by governments as to who was responsible for dole, relief camps, etc.
• People were unhappy with the government. It was voted out in 1935.
• Protest parties (third parties) showed the naïveté of the federal government which
seemed to have had no idea how desperate rural Canadians were. In 1931, when they
finally gave emergency relief, the Depression had already been in full swing for three
• too little too late
• too many restrictions placed upon it
• rationed sparingly
• hardly able to survive on what was given
• humiliating to live on $10 per month while some were living the high life
Relief Camps
• humiliating
• restrictive
• not productive
• Work projects were useless, futile in many cases.
• hotbed of discontent
• Able-bodied men could have been used for more productive purposes.
• The fact that some people would accept the conditions of the camps just to have
a place to live shows us how desperate they were.
• On-to-Ottawa Trek
• Regina Riots
• riding the rods
• isolation of camps

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• Government camps got men off the street.
• Dole helped out those who received it.
• Government experimented; did try options to alleviate poor economic conditions.
• Prior experience was not available to draw upon.
• Other countries were doing similar things.
• Federal government bailed the provinces out with relief money ($20 million to
• put people to work
• adopted a plan in 1939 for arsenal of democracy to help put people back to work
• Ultimately, the production of goods and weapons ended the Depression for Canadians.

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