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Discuss the quote below in reference to The Great Gatsby and Elizabeth Barrett...

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Discuss the quote below in reference to The Great Gatsby and Elizabeth Barrett Browning, nee Moulton Sonnets from the Portuguese.


"To what extent does the time in which composers/authors live influence their response to enduring human concerns?" especially with reference to The Great Gatsby?

I found out all information on the context of the 1920s and the 19th Century but can not extract information to answer this question. Any suggestions or websites would be appreciated.

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The time during which an author writes is particularly important because people are influenced by the time in which they live.  In their texts, authors will confirm or challenge current world views through their characters, plots, and settings.  Fitzgerald's portrayal of women in The Great Gatsby has been shaped by the context of the 1920s.  Jordan Baker in many ways is representative of the "modern woman"; however, Fitzgerald challenges this image by making Jordan's participation in golf questionably dishonest.  Contemporary writers might not deal with the portrayal of women in this way because gender roles in our times are different from what they were in the 1920s.  So, consider all the information gathered on the 1920s and assess the ways in which elements of the novel have been influenced by the times.

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