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To what extent do you think he would have been better setting up as a company? I have...

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To what extent do you think he would have been better setting up as a company?

I have to write an essay and this is my question to the text. But I don't know what does this question mean, can someone explain me what should I write?

This is the text:

In2001, after ten years as the general manager of an office supplies company, John Kerr decided that he wanted to run his own business.

“Originally I’d planned to take on my colleague as an employee. But he wanted to share in the management of the business, which seemed fair enough, so we talked to a solicitor about the choices. Setting up a partnership was the simplest option, and would avoid the extra costs of setting up and administering a company. The solicitor pointed out that we would both be personally liable for any business debts, but as we weren’t planning to borrow this wasn’t a big issue for us. The solicitor said that we needed a partnership agreement, and helped us draw one up. Preparing the agreement was a chance for us both to think about how we wanted to run the business and what our responsibilities would be. Unfortunately, we soon realised that we didn’t work together well. We each had our own ideas on what we should be doing, and it wasn’t helping the business at all. A few months after we started, my partner left the business.

As it happened, there was someone else I wanted to bring into the business anyway. Turnover of our business has more than doubled in the last three years, so we must be doing something right!”

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