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What is the difference between Electrical Engineering and Mech/Aero Engineering...

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What is the difference between Electrical Engineering and Mech/Aero Engineering regarding the choice of courses and projects? What are the differences between their projects and courses?

After looking at some lectures online, I think I enjoy both so am having trouble choosing.

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Being in a strong position in both fields of Mechanical/Aero Engineering and Electrical Engineering is most advantageous. Choice has its advantages and disadvantages so, when undecided, considering some career possibilities is probably the best way to choose wisely.

  • The courses themselves (online) probably give possible careers on one of the pages to which you can navigate so see which careers fall closest to your goals.
  • Then you can check the skill set to see which Engineering field would best cater for the requirements.  
  • Check where your strengths and weaknesses lie and look at the course content. If you think that electrical engineering is better after you have analysed your choices, make sure that you have strengths in that area such as the "phenomena driven by electricity—lighting, motors,..."

Whether you choose Mechanical or Electrical Engineering, you will hold responsibility for and design

one aspect that operates in harmony with every other aspect of the general design.

Enquire whether it is necessary to choose your speciality in your first year of study. If not, this will allow you to start your course and recognize where your preferences lie.

Refer to the attached links to help you understand the field of engineering better.


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