What are examples of imagery in Chapter 1 of The Outsiders?

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Author S. E. Hinton uses imagery throughout the first chapter of The Outsiders in her vivid descriptions of the main characters. The Socs are brought to life through Ponyboy's narration of their dress--"blue madras" shirts--and the smell of "English Leather shaving lotion and stale tobacco." Darry's eyes are compared to "pale blue-green ice." Soda's good looks are "movie-star kind of handsome," and Pony details the color of his eyes and hair to the sun and "wheat-gold." Two-Bit Mathews is carefully drawn from his "stocky" build to the rust color of his sideburns; and Dallas Winston comes to life through his "elfish face," "sharp animal teeth," lynx-like ears, and a detailed account of his blonde hair.


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