What exactly is the scholarship boy?

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Richard himself is the scholarship boy. He means someone who gets a scholarship to a school and is known for that within the school.

He says of his auto-biography: 

‘‘the story of the scholarship boy who returns home one summer to discover the bewildering silence, facing his parents. This is my story. An American story.’’

He is the scholarship boy, the book is his story.  

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a person so changed by their education, that they are unable to return to their past. deeply troubled by nostalgia.

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Richard Rodriguez is the scholarship boy. The scholarship boy is someone who must move between environments, the his home and the classroom, which are at cultural extremes. With his family he has intense intimacy, but at school he learns to trust lonely reason. From his parents he learns to trust a nonrational way of thinking. At school there is mental calm. Many years pass before the boy will be able to sketch the cultural differences in his day this abstractly.

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Richard Rodriguez is himself the scholarship boy in Hunger of Memory. He cites quotations from Richard Hoggart's book The Uses of Literacy and employs them to explain his own life. 

The scholarship boy "feels himself weighted with knowledge of his own and [his class] situations, which hereafter forbids him the simpler pleasures of his mother and father" (Hoggart 246). Rodriguez uses this definition of scholarship boy and explains how lack of a common language prevents communication between him and his parents, even though they are all sitting in the kitchen.  

A scholarship boy is someone who comes from a working, middle class family, but excels through his intellect, however the education drives him away from parents and family and he finds solace in books. He is someone who learns to achieve academic growth not the practical uses of the knowledge. 

"...Then one day, leafing through Richard Hoggart's The Uses of Literacy, I found, in his description of the Scholarship boy, myself" (Rodriguez 623).

Rodriguez uses this information to transform himself to become a better person; he realizes that he has to get back to his roots.


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