What is the exact distance and the approximate distance between these points (-2.6, -1.3) and (-7.7, -4.3)?  

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The distance between two points `P (x_1,y_1) ` and `Q (x_2,y_2)` in any plane is given by

`PQ = sqrt((x_2-x_1)^2+(y_2-y_1)^2)`

Thereofore, the exact distance between the points (-2.6, -1.3) and (-7.7, -4.3) is

d = `sqrt((-7.7-(-2.6))^2+(-4.3-(-1.3))^2)`

= `sqrt((-7.7+2.6)^2+(-4.3+1.3))^2`

= `sqrt((-5.1)^2+(-3.0))^2`

= `sqrt(26.01+9)`

= `sqrt(35.01)`


Therefore, the exact distance between the two given points is 5.916925 units and the approximate distance is about 5.9 units (approximation upto one decimal place).


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