What exactly happens at the Capulet party in Romeo and Juliet?I have to write a newspaper artical/review on what exaclly happened at the party but I can not remember and I do not have a book. So...

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Another fact that would probably be included in the news article, which would most likely be on the Society Page, is the secretive appearance of the uninvited Montagues, a family at enmity with the prestigious Capulets.  For Italian families, especially, this offense is a grave incident to Tybalt.  With this sense of umbrage in mind, then, of note, is the action of the Nurse who is seen talking with Romeo.  And, of course, the audacity of Romeo himself who dares to approach the innocent Juliet, the guest of honor, and his speaking to her and having the effrontery to touch her hand would be viewed as an outrageous affront to the Capulet family. A good reporter would also observe that after the revelers depart, Juliet is observed conferring with her nurse, who quickly escorts her away.

In your review/article, you may wish to include quotes from observers of these affronts by the Montague.  Certainly Tybalt, who says,

...What dares the slave

Come hither, covered with an antic face,

To fleer and scorn at our solemnity?

Now by the stock and honor of my kin,

To strike him dead I hold it not a sin.....

It fits when such a villain is a guest (1.5.57-78)

would most likely be quoted.  Perhaps one of the guests would be questioned, as well.

It can be noted, too, that Lord Capulet, when interviewed, said that he endured the Montagues so as not to cause "a mutiny among my guests" (1.5.84)

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Luckily for you, Shakespeare's works are so famous that they are all over the place on the internet.  There is a text of Romeo and Juliet here on eNotes.  There is also one at the link that I have attached below.

The most important thing (for the play) that happens at the party is that Romeo and Juliet meet and fall in love.  They do not know who they have each fallen in love with until after it is too late.  Then the two of them are told who they have fallen in love with and both are sort of shocked.

Another important thing is that Tybalt identifies Romeo and wants to kill him.  Lord Capulet restrains Tybalt, telling him not to spoil the party.

For more details, follow the link.

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