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What energy reclassification does this system accomplish?A hydroelectric power plant...

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What energy reclassification does this system accomplish?

A hydroelectric power plant stores a great deal of water behind a dam. Gates allow the water to flow down pipes at a high speed. The water causes large turbines to spin equally large electrical generators. The water exits the pipes on the opposite side of the dam at a lower elevation than when it started. 


a. gravity potential to kinetic

b. gravity potential to electrical

c. kinetic to electrical

d. kinetic to gravity potential


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Water stored in the higher altitude reservoir of the hydroelectric power plant has a great deal of potential energy in it. When water is made to flow through the turbine blades, they rotate in very high speed. In this way gravitational potential energy is first converted into kinetic energy. These turbine blades are connected to electrical induction generators which convert their kinetic energy into electrical energy. The electrical energy so generated is then transmitted to end users. So, the overall process of recyclisation energy in the given example is gravitational potential energy to electrical energy, i.e. option B.


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