What does Scrooge symbolize in the beginning of A Christmas Carol?

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In the beginning of this famous novel, Scrooge, appropriately named, is suffering from a bad case of nastiness, and bitterness due to the coming of the Holiday, Christmas. He exhumes negativity to those around him and insists that this is a meaningless holiday.  Many people can relate to these stresses as their life seems dull and meaningless thinking their actions and words do not mean anything to anybody.  Scrooge symbolizes many characteristics of depression and negativity as he is in need of counseling and reminders of his own possible contributions to life and others.

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On one level, Scrooge symbolizes the greed and hardened hearts of the aristocracy of the Victorian era who felt that the best place for many of the impoverished was in the workhouses, and there were hundreds of thousands in need of common comforts.

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