What does Scout later hear the teacher say that is hypocritical? What does Scout's teacher talk about? Who is in power in Germany?Ch26,To kill a mockingbird

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In the episode you are talking about, the teacher (Miss Gates) is talking about current events.  Specifically, she is talking about the Nazi regime in Germany and what they are doing to Jews and other people they don't like (so Hitler is in power as leader of the Nazi Party).

What the teacher says is that there is prejudice in Germany, but there is none in the United States because the US is a democracy and Germany is a dictatorship.

This is hypocritical because of the way that the town has acted towards Tom Robinson.  Their actions have clearly showed racial prejudice, but yet the teacher is talking about how bad it is for the Germans to be prejudiced.  (In fact, Miss Gates herself said that the blacks needed to be taught a lesson.)

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