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What does the River Jordan have to do with this novel?i have a school homework...

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What does the River Jordan have to do with this novel?

i have a school homework assignment and i dont understand the question. 

the question is: Why is the title of this novel appropiate for the story it tells? What is the significance of the River Jordan mentioned throughout the novel?

please hellp!

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In the Christian imagery and beliefs of the slaves, crossing the River Jordan meant crossing into freedom. In the Bible, when the Hebrew slaves escaped from slavery in Egypt, the Jordan River crossing was their entry into the Promised Land, the place to which God led them so they could live in freedom and peace.

The references to the River Jordan reflect Isabel's struggles: first, with coming to understand her position as a slave owned by supporters of the King; next, with determining how she should respond to Curzon's invitation to become involved in helping those supporting the revolution against the British; always, with how she can manage to keep herself and Ruth together and find a way to 'cross the Jordan River' to the freedom they had been promised long ago, by Miss Finch.


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The river Jordan is a river in Israel. When Moses and the Isrealites fled from Egypt they crossed the river Jordan into Canaan, which was them being free. When Isabel crossed the east river(or whichever one she did cross) she left the Locktons and made it to safety(sort of...). 

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